Our favorite albums of 2015 (part 3)

Yesterday, I started the countdown of my favorite albums of 2015. I’ve said a million times that it’s been a spectacular year for new releases, so this year I expanded my list from 40 titles to 50 titles. And I also included, for the first time ever, a list of honorable mentions. So what I’m really doing is a list of 75 albums that I loved. And there were quite a few albums that I liked a lot that didn’t even make the honorable mention list.
No reissues. No tribute albums. No compilations. No cover albums. No soundtracks. No EPs. These are all proper albums, and they all had a 2015 release date.

25 honorable mentions

Details of the countdown so far are: 50 through 46 here, and 45 through 41 here.

So far, the countdown has looked like this:
50)Lower Dens — Escape From Evil
49)Girl Band — Holding Hands With Jamie
48)Creepoid — Cemetery Highrise Slum
47)Thayer Sarrano — Shaky
46)Rachel Grimes — The Clearing
45)Stolen Jars — Kept
44)Hey Anna — Run Koko
43)Speedy Ortiz — Foil Deer
42)Marriages — Salome
41)Haiku Salut — Etch and Etch Deep

Now it continues. Remember to click on the album artwork to go to where you can buy the corresponding album.

The Harrow — Silhouettes

40)The Harrow — Silhouettes
This is the debut long player by the dark dream pop/synth pop/post-punk/neogoth quartet from Brooklyn. They’re dark and cold like the root cellar in your grandmother’s house, but sexy as hell at the same time. It’s like a mix of early Cocteaus and early The Cure. I was eagerly anticipating this album all year long, and I was really pleased with it when I got my promo copy well ahead of the November 6 release date.

Casket Girls — The Piano Album

39)The Casket Girls — The Piano Album
This is the third album by the synth pop/noise/shoegaze trio built around the sisters Phaedra and Elsa Greene. You may remember that their sophomore album True Love Kills The Fairy Tale was my #1 record of 2014. They came back this year with a wildly different approach. Instead of all of the guitars an effects and the synths and the noise, this is exactly as advertised. It’s a piano album. Vocals and piano. I found myself not missing the noise, which kind of surprised me. This got its release on October 17 via Graveface Records.

Spectres — Dying

38)Spectres — Dying
This is the first album by the noise/shoegaze quartet from Bristol, England. They had set themselves up with a couple of successful EPs, and there was a lot of anticipation over the debut. At least on the other side of the Atlantic. The album sold out of its initial pressing very quickly, making it a very hot commodity, but after a short while, they did a second pressing. There’s a ton of influence from Sonic Youth, and I can hear other things like Swervedriver and The Jesus & Mary Chain. Whatever these guys do, they do it loudly.
The initial release was in February, followed by a repressing in April or May via Sonic Cathedral

Eternal Summers — Gold And Stone

37)Eternal Summers — Gold And Stone
This is the fifth album from the Roanoke based indie pop/dream-punk trio. Last year’s The Drop Beneath was my twelfth favorite album of 2014, and they were one of my favorite things from the 2014 Hopscotch Music Festival. I had very high hopes for this new album, and I like it a lot, but not as much as I was hoping.

Esmerine — Lost Voices

36)Esmerine — Lost Voices
This is the fifth album by the Montréal post-rock quintet. This is part of the Godspeed You! Black Emperor/ Constellation Records family tree. Becky Foon (cello/harmonium/piano) was a member of Silver Mt. Zion, while Bruce Cawdron (glockenspiel/marimba/vibraphone) is a former member of Godspeed. Everyone else in the band has other ties to the Montréal scene. Given the main players, this sounds exactly like you’d expect it to sound.

That’s it for now. Later today, I’ll pick up the countdown at 35.

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