January 12, 2016 — “In Deep” by The KVB


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “In Deep” by The KVB (2016, from the forthcoming album Of Desire).

The KVB is the darkwave/shoegaze/synthpop duo of Nicholas Wood and Kat Day. They’re from London, but they’re currently operating out of Berlin. They moved there a couple of years ago to work with Anton Newcombe out of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. They graduated from home recordings to proper studio work, and in Newcombe’s studio, they recorded the stuff that would be released as the Out of Body EP in the summer of 2014. Last year, they released an album of “experimental” stuff called Mirror Being. I had it on my radar, but I never actually got a copy of it.

I got something in the mailbag yesterday promoting the forthcoming album, and specifically tonight’s song. Of Desire won’t be out until March 11, but I really like this peek at it. It’s big and dark and sexy. It’s glistening with sweat and smells faintly of cigarette smoke. I’m partly reminded of The Soft Moon, among other things.

“In Deep” by The KVB

There’s something about Wood’s voice that reminds me of something really familiar. Or maybe an amalgam of familiar things. I think I’m mostly reminded of Ian McColloch, and maybe just a bit of Steve Kilbey out of The Church. Obviously, The KVB sounds nothing like The Bunnymen or The Church, but there’s just something about Wood’s voice.

I very much dig the thick, viscous, bass-heavy intro. The drums here may or may not have been played by Joe Dilworth. I know that he’s played drums for them before, but I’m not sure about this forthcoming record. Dilworth was a founding member of Stereolab, and Th’ Faith Healers (or, “Th’ Faith Healers UK”). He’s also done a bunch of photography over the years, including some pretty iconic shots. As a photographer he’s worked with Ride, St. Etienne, My Bloody Valentine, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Darling Buds, Unrest, Franz Ferdinand, and many others.

Also, as an aside about Joe Dilworth, he’s left-handed, but he learned how to play drums on a right-handed kit, and kept playing with a right-handed set-up. He has a very unique style where he doesn’t cross his hands. You can read all about that and more in this article, from The Quietus. This isn’t really about Joe Dilworth, though. This is about The KVB.

With this song as the preview for the forthcoming album, I can’t wait to hear the rest.

You can pre-order Of Desire here

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