January 17, 2016 — “Fold” by Burnt Palms

Burnt Palms

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Fold” by Burning Palms (2016, from the forthcoming album Back on My Wall).

Burnt Palms is a surf-punk/indie pop quartet from Seasaide, California. Some people want to compare them to the sunny surf punk of Best Coast. In my mind, they’re more like some of the twee-punk girl bands from the Pacific Northwest during the early 1990s. I’m thinking of Cub and Tiger Trap. From the same era, but a different continent, the band names Heavenly as one of their major influences.

Burnt Palms formed as a trio in 2012, and they added a fourth member somewhere along the line. So far, they’ve released a couple of singles, a couple of split releases, and an album. Their sophomore album —Back on My Wall— will be out on February 5 via We Were Never Being Boring. Ahead of the album, they’ve released a video for the song “Last Time”, which you can see here. They also teamed up with Kids on A Crime Spree for a split cassette single featuring today’s song. Actually, I had never heard of Burnt Palms until I came across a Facebook post mentioning the split cassingle and the video. I was intrigued because of their affiliation with We Were Never Being Boring, and it took no time at all to decide that I like this band.

“Fold” by Burnt Palms

Like every song that Tiger Trap ever did, this is about low self-esteem and the crushing pain of a failing relationship.

These lyrics are my best guess, so forgive me if I’ve got some of them wrong.

If I go missing would you even notice
If I go missing would you (blah blah) despair
If I go missing would you try to find me
Or would you look the other way without a care

Then later, the most Tiger Trap-ish of all:

In your dreams are you with someone new
Who can make you happy like I used to do

This is getting old and these cards are getting folded
I have nothing to hold on to
There’s no meaning without you

I didn’t even realize it the first couple of times I listened to the song, but it’s well under two minutes in length. There’s no need to drag it out for four minutes.

There’s no pre-order for the album just yet, but it’ll be out in a few weeks. Keep stopping by the WWNBB website.

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