January 18, 2016 — “Champion of Love” by Star


If you only listen to one song today, make it “Champion of Love” by Star (2007, from the album Devastator).

Star was a dreamy noise-pop/shoegaze trio from Chicago. The front of the band was Scott Cortez, who is famous for being the mastermind behind lovesliescrushing, astrobrite, and a couple of other bands. Lovesliescrushing and astrobrite are both active projects, and they both have really extensive catalogs, but Devastator was the only album by Star. I only just learned about it because our friends at Saint Marie Records are planning to re-release the album this year on vinyl and compact disc. For a few years, they’ve been doing this thing of remastering and re-releasing “classic” or “forgotten” shoegaze albums that have never been on vinyl before.

The other two members of Star were Theodore Beck (guitars/mixing/drum machine) and Shannon Roberts (vocals). I don’t know where either of those came from or what else they’ve done, but there’s something very familiar about Roberts voice. The way the vocals are hushed and very light and airy remind me of a lot of things. I’m reminded a bit of Louise Trehy out of Swallow and more recently out of Strata Florida. Cortez always works with female singers with really high, airy voices, but most of the time, the vocals get buried under mountains of vocal and guitar effects. There’s certainly some of that going on here, but it’s a little easier to hear and pick apart the vocals.

I first heard a different song from the album, and as if there was ever going to be a question in the matter, I liked it right from the drop. For absolutely no reason, I chose this song instead:

“Champion of Love” by Star

This is a great album that I missed out on partly because it came out during a two year span where I wasn’t really paying attention to or buying any new music. I don’t know what the timetable is for Saint Marie to re-issue the album, but for now, you can buy a download of the original release via Bandcamp here.

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