January 21, 2016 — “Time of The Season” by Promise and The Monster

Billie Lindahl (Promise and The Monster)

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Time of The Season” by Promise and The Monster (2016, from the album Feed the Fire).

Promise and The Monster is the stage name of Stockholm-based dark indie-dream-folk songstress Billie Lindahl. She started the project in 2007 and has released two albums. After a break of more than four years, her third album —Feed The Fire— comes out tomorrow via Bella Union. It’s said that she simultaneously explores areas of light and dark, birth and death. These are not meant to be contradictory forces, but rather complimentary. And it’s all about finding the balance. She says the album’s title plays into that a little bit. Fire can kill you, but it can also give you life. So you have to keep it going and respect it.

I really don’t know anything about this project other than the glowing things that I’ve read. I first found out about it couple of months ago when I was on the Bella Union site for some other reason, and I’ve been anticipating the album release ever since. The first two albums (2007’s Transparent Knives, and 2011’s Red Tide) were released on the Swedish label Imperial Recordings, and this will be her first release for Simon Raymonde’s label.

“Feed The Fire” by Promise and The Monster

There’s something in the guitar that reminds me of Echo & The Bunnymen, but in a broad picture, this isn’t like that at all. I’m struggling to find a “sounds like” comparison, but this should certainly appeal to fans of Cocteaus and The Bunnymen.

There’s also a video for the song, which depicts some weird, mythical dream-world. I’m sure that I don’t understand the director’s vision, but here’s the video:

Feed The Fire will be available from tomorrow, and will be released on vinyl, CD, and digital. All of the pre-order details are here.

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