January 27, 2016 — “An Undue Level of Hubris” by Hether

Hether — Komkommer

If you only listen to one song today, make it “An Undue Level of Hubris” by Hether (2016, from the forthcoming album Komkommer).

Hether is an instrumental experimental rock quartet from London. They describe themselves as shoegaze and noise rock. I can hear elements of those things, and I can also hear elements of post-rock and whatever we’re supposed to call that thing that’s a mix of slowcore and grunge. Think about the full-band version of “Mistress” by Red House Painters. The one that’s on the first self-titled album (the Rollercoaster one). That song is grungy slowcore, and there’s some things on this Hether album that remind me of that. And there’s a lot that makes me think of RHP, but in a less specific way. On a different song, I’m reminded of The Cure.

I don’t know anything about this band. Only that they are four guys, and that they released an album called Mongolia in 2014. There’s a song on that album called “An Appropriate Degree of Chagrin”. I like to thing that today’s song and that song are sisters. Not twins, but sisters that are completely opposite each other. The songs don’t sound anything like each other, and their titles refer to nearly opposite concepts, but they’ve got similar DNA.

“An Undue Level of Hubris” by Hether

I like that it’s fuzzy but not loud. Under the melodic guitars, there’s some heavy effects on a different guitar. The guitar with the heavy effects reminds me of what Mono (Japan) might sound like if they turned their amps way down. Whatever you want to call it, I really like that juxtaposition of melody and fuzz.

The sophomore album officially comes out on February 1, but you can get it now via Bandcamp by naming your price here.

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