February 3, 2016 — “True Kindness” by Savage Sister

Savage Sister

If you only listen to one song today, make it “True Kindness” by Savage Sister (2016, from the album Speechless).

Savage Sister is a dream pop/darkwave/shoegaze band from Chicago. The band is fronted by multi-instrumentalist Michael Tenzer, who is really busy with this project as well as Lazy Legs and Eyes Behind the Veil. Savage Sister has been around since 2012, and they’ve released a couple of EPs, a couple of 7″ records, and one other album. This album was supposed to come out in early 2015, and I actually wrote about it last January. Unfortunately, the release kept getting delayed, but it finally came out yesterday.

Tenzer is a huge fan of Scott Cortez, who is the genius behind the super-ambient and super fuzzy projects lovesliescrushing and astrobrite, and who incidentally also lives in Chicago at the moment. Although this isn’t as fuzzy as those, Tenzer’s interest in and influence by those projects is very evident.

It’s a really dreamy and beautiful record that carries the listener off to a really safe and warm place. As always, Tenzer’s composition sparkles. As always, Chloe Lundgren’s soft, sweet vocals soar.

“True Kindness” by Savage Sister

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, but because it got pushed by an entire year, I almost forgot about it. I got a notice about it yesterday, and although real life has been kicking me in the pants, that news really cheered me up. I immediately bought a download and spent some quality time with it last night, even while I was doing some other writing. I absolutely love this album, and I’ve penciled it in to the top 15 of my year-end list. I’m expecting that list to be 50 again this year, and I also expect to have another extensive “honorable mention” list this year. I know it’s crazily early to start those talks, but I know what I like. For the record, I know that this won’t be my favorite February release, and I’ll have a lot to write about that matter next week. Still, though, you can count on this being very near the top of the final list.

You can buy Speechless in digital download format via Bandcamp here.

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