February 10,2016 — “Icing Sugar” by Keiandra



If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Icing Sugar” by Keiandra (2016, from the forthcoming EP Empty Palaces).

Keiandra is a dreampop/indie-folk singer/songwriter from Newcastle Upon Tyne. She’s just 18 years of age, and she’s set to release her debut EP in March. A couple of days ago, I got something in the mailbag promoting the EP, and specifically tonight’s song. She released a single called “Wanted” a couple of months ago, and the single for “Icing Sugar” will be out on Friday. According to her blog, the EP should have been out in September of 2015, but we don’t really know anything other than what the email says. The EP will be out on March 11. Whatever the case, this is a really impressive tune from the youngster, and I’m really looking forward to hearing more from her.

No matter, here’s tonight’s stellar song:

“Icing Sugar” by Keiandra

It’s hard to say that this sounds “like” anything, but it’s easy to say that it sounds good. Really the only thin I know is that she lists Daughter as one of her influences. By the way, I haven’t spent very much time with the brand new Daughter album Not to Disappear, but I do like it, and it’s going to end up near the top of a lot of year-end lists.

Tonight’s song is dreamy and beautiful and it’s got me knocked over. If this song and the other song I’ve heard indicate anything, this young woman should make a pretty big impact both in the UK and here in the US.

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One response to “February 10,2016 — “Icing Sugar” by Keiandra

  • Nate B

    I found your blog while searching out some details about Massive Attack’s “Teardrop”, and was listening to a remix of that song in another window while perusing your posts.

    I paused it to listen to Icing Sugar, and I thought I’d done something wrong at first, and accidentally prodded Spotify into starting yet another Teardrop remix. Same chords, similar ethereal vocals… whoah.

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