February 18, 2016 — “Softly” by Crescendo


If you only listen to one song today, make it “Softly” by Crescendo (2016, from the forthcoming album Unless).

Crescendo is a dreamgaze quintet from Los Angeles. I really don’t know anything about this band, but even though there are five members, every picture I’ve seen of them has only the three. I heard a different one of their songs in my Soundcloud feed and I became quite interested. They’re also part of the We Were Never Being Boring collective, which is another thing that always piques my interest.

The band released their debut —Lost Thoughts— in 2014, and their sophomore long player will be out tomorrow.

You can hear a lot of 1990s dreamgaze influence on some songs, and some 1980s indie pop influence on others. I haven’t heard the entire album, but I really like what I’ve heard, including this:

“Softly” by Crescendo

I really like everything about this. While I’m usually a sucker for coed vocal harmonies, what they’re doing is a bit different. At least on the songs I’ve heard, it’s like they focus less on harmonies and more on simply sharing the vocal duties. Gregory Cole sings part of the song while Olive Kimoto sings a different part. It’s quite nice, actually. I don’t know whether it’s Kimoto’s voice, or the miles of delay on it, or some other vocal effect, but the parts that she sings really remind me of something that I can’t lay a finger on right now. Something much more contemporary than the 80s indie pop and 90s dreamgaze that I talked about. Anyway, I really like this song, and I like the other songs that I’ve heard. I don’t have the album yet, but I will soon, and I’ll probably have it in heavy rotation in my car and on my iPod.

In the US, you can order the album now via Bandcamp here. Fans in the EU can pre-order here.

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