This is That Song Update

Things have been quiet on the blog lately, and I feel like I have some explaining to do.

I’ve been busy. Really busy.

My role at work has changed. With that change, I’m there earlier in the morning than I used to be. I’m there later in the afternoon than I used to be. For now, I’m working seven days a week. Some days are shorter than others, but I don’t have as much free time as I used to. I’m also taking a couple of programming classes at night. Between my clogged work schedule, the nights that I have to actually go to school, and the nights that I have to do reading and homework, I have very, very little free time.

I’ve fallen way behind on reading my emails, and I’ve fallen a little behind on my new music acquisitions, but I’m still listening to lots of new releases and I’m still falling in love with new stuff.

For at least a few more weeks, things will continue to be quiet around here, but I’m still hoping to write. It might be once or twice a week as opposed to six or seven times a week, and I might have to start doing some very early morning writing, and I might make my writing much more terse than it usually is, but I will do my best to keep this thing going and to make it healthier than it is right now.

As winter turns to spring, I’ll get a little of my free time back, and when spring turns to summer, I’ll get a lot more. I can promise that I’ll devote more time to the blog as those developments unfold. For now, I can’t make any other promises.

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North Carolina born and bred. I'm a restaurant guy who spends free time listening to music, watching hockey and playing Scrabble. I have a bachelor's degree in political science and I will most likely never put it to use. View all posts by dlee

One response to “This is That Song Update

  • jprobichaud

    Is it trite to say that life sometimes happens? Don’t burn yourself out. This just means you’ll have lots to catch us up on when you have more time…

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