February 23, 2016 — “A Hundred Ropes” by Minor Victories

Minor Victories

If you only watch one music video today, make it “A Hundred Ropes” by Minor Victories (2016, from the forthcoming album Minor Victories).

Minor Victories is a UK indie rock supergroup formed by Rachel Goswell out of Slowdive and Mojave 3 (vocals), Stuart Braithwaite out of Mogwai (guitar), Justin Lockey out of Editors (guitar, electronics), and filmmaker James Lockey. The two Lockey boys formed a film/video production company called Hand Held Cine Club. They’ve made a lot of music videos. Back in October, I shared a video of “Faultlines” by Lanterns on The Lake. That’s a Hand Held Cine Club production. They’ve also worked with Frightened Rabbit a bunch of times, The Twilight Sad, and many others.

The supergroup formed late last year, and yesterday they released details about their forthcoming album. There’ll be ten songs and the self-titled album will be out on June 3 via Fat Possum. Braithwaite said somewhere (I’ll apologize for not providing a source) that if you follow the bands that the individual members are in, you won’t be surprised at all by what the supergroup sounds like. Today’s song certainly sounds like Mogwai and Slowdive mushed together. One of the album’s ten songs features The Twilight Sad vocalist James Graham, while another will feature Mark Kozelek out of Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon. I’ll leave my commentary about Mark Kozelek out of this conversation other than to say that he and Goswell have teamed up together to do a magnificent cover of John Denver’s “Around and Around”. I wrote about that here.

As far as this Minor Victories album goes, I’ve only heard this one song, and I love it. I’m predicting that the album will land somewhere in the top ten of my year-end list. For now, this is that song. Or at least that video.

“A Hundred Ropes” by Minor Victories

Warriors charging into the fray. Super-slow motion. Monochrome. A lot of Hand Held Cine videos use some elements of slow motion, and a lot of them also use muted colors or monochrome. A lot of them are also dark both in hue and in theme. There’s certainly all of that going on. I read that this was done in one shot, and that it’s only ten seconds of real time. Lockey’s making a bit of a statement with videos like this. This and the others are sort of “anti-videos”. Most music videos are so bright and vibrant. Most are cut so many times so people can have their sensory overload and not get bored by watching the same thing for more than three seconds. He’s making videos that are completely opposite that. Read the Pitchfork article for more on that.

I love the pace and the rhythm of the song. Rachel’s vocals are perfect, and I don’t know what else to say. Play this a lot and play it LOUD.

The album releases on June 3, and you can pre-order it via the Minor Victories store here.

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