March 8, 2016 — “Weightless” by Mayflower Madame

Mayflower Madame

Mayflower Madame

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Weightless” by Mayflower Madame (2016, from the forthcoming album Observed in A Dream).

Mayflower Madame is a post-punk/shoegaze/darkwave quartet from Oslo. I know virtually nothing about them, but I got something in the mail bag about them, and they were compared to The Jesus & Mary Chain, Bauhaus, and Spacemen 3. Naturally, I was interested when I saw those reference points. When I got around to listening, I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The band’s debut album Observed in a Dream will hit shelves on April 22. In the US, it’ll be released via the Virgina Beach label Custom Made Music. Meanwhile, in Europe, it’ll be released by the Oslo-based label Night Cult Records.

They released the first single from the album last month, and then last week they released the video, which is dark and creepy and snowy and wet. And creepy. And fantastic.

First, here’s the song:

“Weightless” by Mayflower Madame

I’m reminded a bit of the Brooklyn post-punk/noise rock band Weekend. So between Bauhaus, The Mary Chain, and Weekend, they’re in some really brilliantly good company.

I haven’t heard the rest of the album, but based on this song, I’m going to love it. I have very high expectations.

Now, here’s the video. I don’t know how to make this any more clear: it’s a little creepy. And it’s fantastic.

I get the impression that Custom Made Music is a really small operation. There isn’t anything at all about the band on the CMM website, so obviously they don’t have a pre-order. Put it on your radars, though. Put it in your calendars. Put it in your spreadsheets. However you organize your list of 2016 new and forthcoming releases, just put this one on there.

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