March 26, 2016 — “Tonight” by Ashley Shadow

Ashley Webber

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Tonight” by Ashley Shadow (2016, from the forthcoming album Ashley Shadow).

Ashley Shadow is the stage name of Vancouver indie-folk musician Ashley Webber. She’s about to release her debut record on April 15, but this is far from being her first rodeo. She was a member of the 19-member indie supergroup Pink Mountaintops, and she was a contributor with the stoner rock band Black Mountain. She’s also done some guest vocals on the 2008 Bonnie “Prince” Billy album Lay Down in the Light. It’s probably worth pointing out that Ashley has a twin sister Amber, who was also in Pink Mountaintops and Black Mountain.

I started getting emails about this album early this month, and although I haven’t had time to fully catch up on all of it, I know that I’ve gotten more than two emails about this. So I figured now’s as good a time as any to actually write something about it.

It looks like Webber enlisted the help of Josh Wells (Pink Mountaintops) both in the studio and in the control room. He produced the album, and he’s credited with playing bass, keyboards, and percussion. There’s three other band members, but this is pretty consistently being referred to as a “solo record”.

I didn’t make the connection to Pink Mountaintops and Black Mountain right away. I was more intrigued by the fact that the press email compared Webber to Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen, and Neko Case. Tonight’s song is fuzzy and a little dark, and there are certainly some things that remind me of Neko Case or maybe of Angel Olsen. Some of the guitar bits, particularly at the very end, remind me of Galaxie 500, and that’s a really pleasant surprise.

Anyway, here’s tonight’s song:

“Tonight” by Ashley Shadow

I really dig Ashley’s voice. Soft and lovely, but also really powerful.

There’s also a really nice video:

You can pre-order the album in vinyl, CD, or digital download format via Bandcamp here.

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