April 18, 2016 — “Love No One” by September Girls

September Girls

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Love No One” by September Girls (2016, from the album Age of Indignation).
September Girls is a noise pop/post-punk/psych rock quintet from Dublin. They formed in 2011, and released their debut album Cursing the Sea in 2014. That album ended up being our #20 favourite album of the year. I think this new one might do better than that.

As you might guess, the band takes its name from the Big Star song “September Gurls”, but it’s actually The Bangles’ cover of the song that inspired the band name. That cover appeared on the hugely successful album Different Light, and is one of a small handful of Bangles songs that Micki Steele sang lead vocals.

Despite achieving critical success with Cursing the Sea, the band took its time with the sophomore album. It’s a well-executed album with better production value than its predecessor. Don’t worry, though. It’s still dark, thick, and sweaty. In fact, it might be darker, heavier, thicker, and sweatier. It still sounds a bit like 1979. Bassist Paula Cullen is still going to get the comparisons to Peter Hook. And that’s always a good thing.

A couple of years ago, September Girls played a bunch of shows with A Place to Bury Strangers. I don’t think it can get darker than that. They must have gotten on really well, because APTBS frontman Oliver Ackermann contributes vocals to “Jaw on the Floor”, which is also from the new album.

It can’t be repeated enough times: this new album is really dark. Both in sound and in content. A lot of the songs have some heavy political and/or social commentary. I won’t delve into that, though. While there are some other, larger issues being tackled on this album, today’s song is simply about narcissism.

This is that song.
“Love No One” by September Girls

As usual with this band, the bass and the drums are so dark, and they have me pulled in one direction. Simultaneously, the vocals and the guitars are brighter, and they pull me in exactly the opposite direction. That’s one of the reasons that I love this band. There’s different textures and different tones going on at the same time. And it works.

For extra credit, here’s the creepy and intoxicating video for the song:

You can order the album in digital format from Amazon or eMu or whatever. It was released digitally on April 8, and it looks like the physical release (at least in this country) will be May 13.

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