Hopscotch 16 lineup announced!

Hopscotch 2016 lineup

As you all know, I go to the Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh the first weekend after the first full week of September every year. Although the festival is still four months away, it’s time to start getting excited about it.
Today, they announced the full lineup of 118 bands. You can click on the image, or you can see details about that lineup and hear songs here. As always, there were a few that really grabbed my attention. Bands that I already know and love. As always, there are loads of bands that I’ve never heard of. As always, many of the ones that I’ve never heard of are from genres that I’m not interested in. As always, I will do extensive research on the bands in the lineup. As always, I’ll find a band I’d never heard of that will become a new favorite. I’ve taken a cursory look at some of the “I’ve never heard of them” bands, and I’ve already found a couple that will be among my new favorites. I’ve already put together a long list of bands that I’ll want to see, and that list is already approaching 30. We won’t know the schedule for a few more weeks, and there will inevitably be some changes to the lineup between now and September, but I’m really excited about this lineup.

I’ve already got ten bands highlighted as “do whatever it takes. Don’t miss this band”. Three of them are bands that I had never even heard of 24 hours ago. I love that it works out that way. Sylvan Esso and Beach House are at the top of that list. I’ve seen Sylvan Esso before, but I’ve never seen Beach House. I can’t wait.

Over the next four months, I’ll be writing much more frequently than I did in the last three months. A good amount of that writing will be about bands who will be playing the festival. I won’t waste my time or yours with stuff about Andrew Bird or Wye Oak or Beach House. I’ll be writing more about the “small print” bands. Starting later tonight.

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One response to “Hopscotch 16 lineup announced!

  • jprobichaud

    I love that moment when the festival lineup is announced and you get to figure out all those bands on your must-see list.

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