June 21, 2016 — “Crash” by Ultra Material

Ultra Material

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Crash” by Ultra Material (2016, from the album Double Date).

Ultra Material is a shoegaze/indie rock/dream pop quartet from Brisbane. I learn about a lot of Australian bands via Happy, but I didn’t find them there. I have no idea how I first heard about them, and I know virtually nothing about them, but I had a sticky note with a different Ultra Material song stuck to my laptop.

I know that they are Sarah Deasy (vocals/bass), Nick Skepper (guitar/vocals), Zuzi Kovar (keys), and Matt Deasy (drums). I know that Sarah and Matt used to be in a band called Do The Robot. Nick and Zuzi met whilst studying architecture at University of Queesnland. I think all four members used to be in a band called Sunshine State. They’ve been playing as Ultra Material since about 2013. They put out a cassette single that year, and an EP called EP in 2015. Last month, they released their debut album Double Date via Black Wire Records. Tonight’s song also appears on that 2015 EP, but it’s really the album we’re talking about.

There’s a whole lot of glorious noise, and there are a ton of layers to peel back. At a few spots, it sounds like there might be multiple finished tracks laid on top of each other. This might be distracting to a lot of listeners, but I love it. Actually, the first time I listened, I literally thought that there were two or more media players going at the same time.

“Crash” by Ultra Material

There’s something about this that reminds me a lot of the wonderful Baltimore shoegaze band Wildhoney, who knocked my socks off on the first night at last year’s Hopscotch Music Festival. Read all about that here. Also, that Wildhoney album was my #4 record last year. We’re not here for Wildhoney, though.

As I said before, I love the different layers, even if it’s a bit confusing. Drum fills where you think there might not be drum fills. There’s a bit of a false stop halfway through, and I always love that kind of thing. Above all, it’s just a lovely bit of noise that we want to keep listening to all day long.

You can buy a digital download of the album via Bandcamp here. You can also buy a vinyl copy of the album here.

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