June 28, 2016 — “Glacial” by The Pleasure Holes

The Pleasure Holes — Doesn’t Matter Anyway

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Glacial” by The Pleasure Holes (2016, from the album Doesn’t Matter Anyway).

The Pleasure Holes is a shoegaze/dream pop band from Florida. I know nothing about this band, and there’s a real paucity of information about them on the interwebs. I simply stumbled upon a different one of their songs in my SoundCloud feed. As I was scrolling through, my eye was caught by the album artwork. Not so much the art, but the text. The typesetting and the colours are reminiscent of Pale Saints album art. That part is probably deliberate. In terms of their sound, they’re heavily influenced by My Bloody Valentine, and that’s more evident on some songs than others. Some songs are closer to the dream pop end of the spectrum, and others actually remind me more of A Place to Bury Strangers than of MBV. Walls and walls of sheer, unapologetic noise. Tonight’s song is one of those.

I don’t know which Florida city they’re from. I don’t know how many band members there are. I only know what I can gather from their SoundCloud and Bandcamp sites. And they probably like it that way.

They released an EP called Holes of Pleasure in December of 2015, followed by the “Color Me” single in January, and a cassette EP called Downer in March. They self-released their first album Doesn’t Matter Anyway on June 8. I just found out about it, and I think it’s going to be in heavy rotation for quite a while around here. I’ve only just bought a download of the album, and I haven’t listened to the whole record, but I’ve listened to bits of most songs, and I’ve listened to this one a few times in a row just now.

This is that song:
“Glacial” by The Pleasure Holes

Like I said: Noise. Beautiful noise. It’s nearly impossible to discern what’s going on with the different guitar parts, or even with the vocals. I really like, though, how thick and juicy the bass is. It really stands out against the wall of noise. And while I have no way of knowing, I’m guessing that there’s a combination of live and programmed drums.

Play this with the lights off and the volume high. Actually, it does quite nicely with over-the-ear headphones and just a small bit of ambient natural light. Still, though. This begs to be played on real speakers, and to be played loudly.

You can buy a digital download of Doesn’t Matter Anyway via Bandcamp by naming your price here.

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One response to “June 28, 2016 — “Glacial” by The Pleasure Holes

  • the pleasure holes

    Thanks for your write up! pleasure holes is just one person, I live in west palm beach but will be moving up to maryland soon. play it on real speakers as loud as you can handle, and thanks for all the kind words!

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