July 10, 2016 — “Baby Blue” by Soft Wounds

Soft Wounds

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Baby Blue” by Soft Wounds (2016, from the album Soft Wounds).

Soft Wounds is a dream pop/shoegaze/alt-rock quartet from Toronto. They got started in about 2014 when the four shoegaze lovers got together and started recording stuff in a Toronto basement. They recorded some demos in November 2014, and in January of this year, they released their self-titled debut album. The five songs from the demo sessions are also on the album, sandwiched between five new songs.

I had never heard the band until I got something in the mailbag the other day concerning my recent post about Slowly. As it turns out, Slowly is a side project for Charlie Berger (vocals/guitar) out of Soft Wounds. He pointed me to this album, and I like it a lot for all the same reasons. Lots of fuzz, lots of delay. It’s bright and it’s noisy. This and the Slowly project are both reminiscent of early 90s English shoegaze. Not the heavy, dark, beautifully noisy wall-of-sound stuff, but the more melodically noisy stuff like Catherine Wheel and the first two Ride records.

Before I listened to any of the Soft Wounds record, I noticed “Baby Blue” in the track listing, and I sort of hoped that today’s song was a blissfully noisy cover of the magnificent song of the same name by Badfinger. It isn’t, but it’s a terrific song nonetheless. This is that song:
“Baby Blue” by Soft Wounds

In addition to the aforementioned early 90s English shoegazers, I’m also sort of reminded of the gloriousness that was Rocketship. Minus, of course, the buzz of the organs and the outstanding coed vocal harmonies in Rocketship.

You can and should purchase a digital download of the Soft Wounds record via Bandcamp by naming your price here.

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