August 7, 2016 — “Under Your Nose” by Crosslegged

Keba Robinson (Crosslegged)

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Under Your Nose” by Crosslegged (2016, from the forthcoming EP Truly Truly).

Crosslegged is the Brooklyn-based indie folk recording project of Keba Robinson. Indie folk with just a dash of punk. She’s been making music as Crosslegged since 2011. She released a couple of bedroom recordings, but the first thing that she considers to be a real release is an album called Speck, which came out last June. Her brother Raz says that Speck doesn’t really sound like anything else. He described that album as “part Father John Misty, part John Coltrane”.
Robinson has an EP coming out via Split Level Records next week called Truly Truly. Split Level Records is a label that she helps to run. Speck was the first proper release on that label, and there are only a couple of other bands affiliated with it.

I had never heard of Crosslegged until a friend texted me the other day with a clip to the video for “Why Do You Do That”, from Speck. (see it here) He said he thought I might like it. After watching it, I texted back to him that I did like it and that it reminded me of Hope Sandoval meets the early recordings of Warpaint. I don’t like the new, polished, poppy Warpaint. I like the older, grittier stuff. Less glamour, more substance. We’re not here to talk about Warpaint, but there is a slight connection here. One of the other artists on Split Level is Mikah Sykes. I don’t know his music, but Robinson has collaborated with him before. He also used to be in a band called Little Twos. Emily Kokal out of Warpaint used to be in Little Twos with Sykes.

That’s enough about Warpaint, though.

After I watched that video for “Why Do You Do That”, and wondered why it only had a handful of views, I looked for other stuff by Crosslegged and came upon this new song. This one still reminds me of early Warpaint, and also of early Cat Power.

This is that song:

“Under Your Nose” by Crosslegged

The new EP comes out on August 12, and you can pre-order the digital version (and get an immediate download of today’s song) via Bandcamp here.

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