August 23, 2016 — “Aligning With the Sun” by Dear Tracks

Dear Tracks

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Aligning With The Sun” by Dear Tracks (2016, from the “Aligning With The Sun” single).

Dear Tracks is a dream pop duo from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They formed in 2014 when Matt Messore left his emo band You Blew It!, and moved from Orlando to Michigan to start all over. He said he always had a good time playing shows in Michigan. He always wanted to start a dream pop band, so he teamed up with Victoria Ovenden to start this project. I don’t know anything about Messore’s previous band, but it’s a ridiculous name. Yes, the exclamation point is part of that band’s name. Also, as a minor digression, Victoria Ovenden might have the most amazing indie rock name since Phoebe Summersquash out of Small Factory.

By 2015, Messore and Ovenden signed to Track and Field Records, which released their first single last year and the Soft Dreams EP earlier this year. Along the way, they’ve been compared to bands like DIIV, and also to Zachary Cole Smith’s other jam, Beach Fossils, Real Estate, and more. They also say that they owe a lot of their sound to The Jesus and Mary Chain. I can’t hear any resemblance to JAMC, but I can certainly hear those other things. Maybe even Beach House. There’s some guitar bits that seem like they came straight out of the jangle pop scene of the 1980s and early 1990s. The synths and dreamy, washed out vocals make it sound less like The Smiths and more like (stick with me here) if you played a record by The Sundays, ran it through some gauzy filter, pitched it down a bit, and added some synths and a fog machine.

What I’m trying to say is that I like this.

“Aligning With the Sun” by Dear Tracks

Dear Tracks has recently signed with The Native Sound, which is known for releasing its albums in very small physical batches. For this single, they’re doing a lathe cut square 7″ record that will be hand-numbered. They’re doing a “pre-sale” for one week, and on the 28th of August, they’ll cut exactly the number that were ordered. That’s it. Digital copies are, of course, available.

There is, as I understand it, a debut album on the horizon, but I don’t know any details.

You can “pre-order” the 7″ record via Native Sound here, or you can buy a digital download from Bandcamp here.

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