September 5, 2016 — “Feed Me With Your Kiss” as covered by The Pink Elephants

The Pink Elephants — Sirens

If you only listen to one cover song tonight, make it “Feed Me With Your Kiss” as covered by The Pink Elephants (2016, from the Sirens EP). The original version by My Bloody Valentine came from their 1988 EP Feed Me With Your Kiss, and later appeared on their debut album Isn’t Anything that same year.

The Pink Elephants is a psychedelic rock/shoegaze/experimental rock band who call Ottawa home. I don’t know much about them, but I think they have members who live in Ottawa, Austin, Athens, and the UK. Although they only got started in 2015, they’ve released two albums and an EP this year alone. Tonight’s song is from the Sirens EP, which was released in April. Among their many influences, they cite The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine, and Tame Impala.

The MBV song is known for its blunt force. It’s fast and loud and unapologetically intense. It’s all broken glass, blood, and piss. It’s a motorcycle inside a blender. It’s fuzz and heavy hands. All the pots on the mixing desk pegged in the red. It’s layer upon layer of noise. It’s jarring, and it’s not for everybody, but it’s one of my favourite MBV songs.

This cover version is quite different. It’s a complete reimagination. The insanely fuzzy guitar, the impossibly frenetic bass, and the heavy, rapid-fire drums are not part of the equation. If the original version is a motorcycle inside a blender, this is a hot air balloon inside a cotton candy machine. Infinitely softer, lighter, and fluffier. And it’s not like they simply slowed it down and softened it up: the music is quite different as well. The lyrics (as best as I can tell, anyway), are the same.

First, listen to the cover:
“Feed Me With Your Kiss”, as covered by The Pink Elephants

Then, refresh your memory about the original version:

I don’t think they could be more different. And I like it. When that Kenny Feinstein dude did bluegrass versions of the entire Loveless album, that was completely different, but also very much the same as the source material. This isn’t that.

You can download the Sirens EP via Bandcamp by naming your price here.

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