September 14, 2016 — “Lifecries” by Svankropp



If you only listen to one song today, make it “Lifecries” by Svankropp (2016, from the “Lifecries” standalone digital single). The song will also, presumably, be on the forthcoming debut album this October.

Svankropp is an indie pop quartet from Norway and Sweden. They classify themselves as “a Scandinavian cyber-punk phenomenon”. There’s elements of shoegaze, noise pop, and synth pop. They say that they’re also influenced by goth, 80s glam rock, and science fiction. The band’s name translates literally from Norwegian to English as “body tail”, and I don’t know what that means. Svan translates to “swan” and kropp translates to “tail”. Mash them together and it means “body tail”. I don’t know. A vestigial tail? That’s all I can think of.

I got something in the mail bag about them a few months ago, then something else just a couple of days ago. When I got the original email, I didn’t realize that they were part of the Riot Factory family. More often than not, the new releases from that wonderful Norwegian shoegaze/dream pop label are very much in my wheelhouse. This is no different.

The two emails that I got were specifically promoting music videos that went to different songs. They’re both great songs, and the videos are both, um… strange. For me, though, it’s more about the music, and I really dig this song. If you really want to know, though, the first email was about a video for the song “Blush”. The song is good, and the video features a famous “dancing sign language interpreter” called Tommy Krångh. You can view that here. The more recent email was about a video for the song “Symphony no. _ _”. It features a bunch of footage from 1980s bodybuilding competitions. You can view that one here.

As I said, though, I’m most interested in just the music, and this song really works for me:
“Lifecries” by Svankropp

I like the samples of the bagpipes in the intro and the really drone-y guitar bit that runs throughout. It reminds me of a few of their label mates. There’s also the tumbling drums in the second half of the song. And, of course, the vocals of Emilie Storaas. I’m such a sucker for that high vocal that’s lighter than air and ever so slightly obscured by guitar effects. There’s something in her voice that makes me think of the magnificent, but very short-lived and quickly forgotten UK indie-pop/shoegaze band The Charlottes.

You can snag a download of “Lifecries” via bandcamp here. At current exchange rates, €1 is about $1.13 USD.

The only thing I know about the forthcoming debut album is that it comes out on October 7, 2016. There’s no mention of it on the Riot Factory page or on their webstore, but there’s an album teaser here. Just keep your eyes peeled, and bookmark the Riot Factory page.

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