January 9, 2017 — “Try” by Molly Burch

Molly Burch

Molly Burch

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Try” by Molly Burch (2017, from the forthcoming album Please Be Mine).

Molly Burch is a dream-country/indie folk singer-songwriter from Austin. She grew up in Los Angeles with her show business parents and went to college at UNC-Asheville, where she studied jazz vocal performance. While there, she met guitarist Dailey Tolliver, who helped her write and record the ten songs on her debut record, which will be out on February 17 via Captured Tracks.

She moved to Austin to launch her music career, and ended up meeting Dan Duszynski out of Cross Record. It was in his studio where they recorded the songs.

She says she’s influenced by the likes of Patsy Cline, Dusty Springfield, The Shirelles, and Billie Holiday among others. Critics have likened her sound to the amazing Angel Olsen, and while that’s a lofty comparison, I’m sort of okay with it.

On tonight’s song, there’s quite a 60s vibe, and in a weird sort of way, I’m reminded of some Glaswegian bands like Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura. I’m specifically reminded of Underachievers Please Try Harder, the second record by Camera Obscura, which has a vague retro, Brill Building sound.

I’ve heard a couple of other Molly Burch songs, and I’m also reminded a bit of Saint Etienne, or at least of their album Foxbase Alpha.

The point is, this has a retro sound with some relatively contemporary things to compare it to.

Of the songs I’ve heard so far, this one might be my favourite. This is that song:

“Try” by Molly Burch

Her voice is so soft and gentle, it’s like a warm cup of cocoa on a cold winter’s day. And it’s those tumbling drums that make me think so much of Camera Obscura. I dig that very much.

There’s also a video for the song, which is mostly Molly and her band in the studio:

If what I’ve heard is any indication of what the rest of the record sounds like, I’m going to like it very much.

You can pre-order Please Be Mine here.

Be on the lookout for Molly Burch, as she’ll be touring the east coast and midwest in March, including a few shows at SXSW. The bulk of that tour will be shows in support of Tim Darcy.

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