January 18, 2017 — “Crashing” by The Cherry Wave

The Cherry Wave — “Crashing”

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Crashing” by The Cherry Wave (2017, from the forthcoming album Shimaru).

The Cherry Wave is a shoegaze/noise rock quartet from Glasgow. They’ve been around for about five years, and we’ve written about them a couple of times. We still know nothing about this band. There are four guys. First names only: Paul (guitar/vocals), Ryan (guitar), Bobby (bass), and Adam (drums). We liked their very noisy 2015 debut album Avalancher a lot. We enjoy their Twitter feed. We know that they really, REALLY dislike the royal family. We know that they’ve played with the magnificent Ringo Deathstarr a bunch of times. That’s it. That’s all we know about The Cherry Wave.

The first record was released in this country via Saint Marie Records, but I don’t think the new one will be. I don’t really know much about the new record. It’s called Shimaru, and it’ll be out on January 23. In case you need to know, “shimaru” translates from Japanese to English as something like “to be closed (locked, shut)”. According to my research, it can also mean “to become sober”.

Although they haven’t announced very many details about the forthcoming album, the band has been all over social media in the last two days promoting the album with video teasers and songs. This is the only song from the new album that I’ve heard, but I really love it.

“Crashing” by The Cherry Wave

Avalancher was blissfully noisy, a sea of feedback and buzz. It had a lot of rough edges, but that was one of the things that we loved about it. This song is much more polished than any of that, and it seems like there’s more focus on melodies than there used to be. There’s definitely more focus on making the vocals cleaner and closer to the front of the mix. There’s still plenty of noise, though. The songs on Avalancher remind me of the MBV kind of noise. This song reminds me more of the Dinosaur Jr kind of noise.

I haven’t seen any pre-order stuff for the new album, but you can download tonight’s song for free via Bandcamp here.

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