February 8, 2017 — “I’m in Grace” by Sonic Jesus

Sonic Jesus

Sonic Jesus

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “I’m in Grace” by Sonic Jesus (2017, from the forthcoming album Grace).

Sonic Jesus is the darkwave/post-punk recording project of Italian multi-instrumentalist/composer Tiziano Veronese and vocalist Marco Baldassari. They formed in 2012, and immediately signed to Fuzz Club Records. Before they even had a record out, they were playing sold-out shows and getting rave reviews. In 2015, they released a double album of noise/psychedelic rock stuff called Neither Virtue Nor Anger, which earned them even more praise. Despite that, I had never heard of them until I got something in the mail bag the other day. They’re set to release their highly anticipated sophomore album Grace via Fuzz Club on March 10.

The new record is getting lots of advance praise, and some folks are saying that it’s reminiscent of Interpol and Editors. I got a preview copy in the mailbag, and although I haven’t given the entire album a proper listen, I really like what I’ve heard. It’s got the elegance of The National combined with the grit of Joy Division, with some wonderful 80s synth pop mixed in.

In a way, on tonight’s song anyway, I’m also reminded a bit of the marvelous album Hospice by The Antlers. This is that song.

“I’m in Grace” by Sonic Jesus

Talking about The Antlers, there’s something about the way the chorus of tonight’s song comes in really heavily that reminds me of when the chorus of “Sylvia” comes in like a million tons of wet bricks. I don’t know what tonight’s song is about, but I’m guessing that it’s not as heavy as “Sylvia” or the rest of Hospice. The stuff on Grace sounds dark, but not heavy.

The record is out on March 10, and you can pre-order it via Fuzz Club here.

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