February 13, 2017 — “Listerine” by Luxury Death

Luxury Death

Luxury Death

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Listerine” by Luxury Death (2017, from the forthcoming EP Glue).

Luxury Death is a lo-fi indie pop band from Manchester. At the center of the band is Meg Williams (vocals/keys) and Ben Thompson (vocals/guitars). They date each other, play in this band together, and produce an art magazine which is also called Luxury Death. Thompson used to be in a slacker punk band called Nai Harvest, and the dissolution of that band gave rise to this one. They’ll be releasing their debut EP Glue via Punk Slime Recordings on February 24.

They definitely have some influences from the mid-late 90s. To me it sounds like there might be a lot of Merge Records influence. I hear part Butterglory, part Portastatic.

I got something in the mailbag today about the forthcoming EP and specifically about tonight’s song. The release listed plenty of links to high praise from the indie music press. Many of the clips said things like “nihilistic” and “recalls the era when post-punk was just starting to morph into new wave”. Those kinds of quotes pique my interest, but really it was the quote from Noisey when they reviewed a song six months ago that got me:

Radiator Face” is the sound of waking up with a crushing hangover and a comedown, but lying sweatily next to the one you snog

It’s a really colorful, but appropriate way to describe that song, but this isn’t about that song. This is about “Listerine” This is that song:

“Listerine” by Luxury Death

I love the lo-fi punk-pop sound, and I love the coed vocals. There’s something about the way the lyrics are treated that makes them nearly impossible to understand. From what I’ve read, though, the lyrics have some pretty clever wordplay. I’m always a fan of clever wordplay.

One of my favourite bits in the song is at the 2:27 mark when it goes from being a little buzzy but mostly quiet to being pretty loud and much busier. Just before that, there’s a tiny little hiccup where it goes dead quiet for just a fraction of a second. Normally, I really like that kind of thing. I’m not sure that I love it here, but I like the rest of the song so much that I’ll let it slide.

After I got the email about this song, I listened to all of the other songs, and I really like this EP. I can’t wait to see what else this band has in store.

You can pre-order the EP on pink vinyl via Punk Slime here, or you can pre-order a digital download via Bandcamp here.

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