Melody’s Echo Chamber tour canceled after hospitalization; New album release uncertain

Melody Prochet (Melody’s Echo Chamber)

I’ve been quiet over here for a couple of weeks. Last night, while I was catching up on some emails, listening to a lot of submissions, and just doing some general music research, I stumbled upon some bad news.
Melody Prochet, who is the front of Melody’s Echo Chamber was recently involved in a “serious accident” which has forced her to cancel the band’s scheduled tour of North and South America in the autumn.

You may remember that I first wrote about the Paris-based dream-pop/psychedelic rock band back in the very early days of this blog in 2012. I compared MEC to Broadcast, and Melody Prochet to the late frontwoman of Broadcast, Trish Keenan. I eventually named the Melody’s Echo Chamber eponymous debut album my 10th favourite album of 2012. There was supposed to be a sophomore album in 2014, and we were teased with a single called “Shrim”. For some reason, though, the full album never came to fruition. Back in April of this year, Prochet announced on her birthday a new single called “Cross My Heart”. She also promised that there finally would be a second album — Bon Voyage — and that we would see it later this year. She also announced a tour of North and South America which would have kicked off in October. Unfortunately, this tour has been canceled after Prochet was recently hospitalized.

On June 27, Melody’s family posted via her Facebook page the following message:

Dearest Friends,
Melody suffered a serious accident earlier this month.
We are optimistic, but she needs to be in the hospital
for a few more months.
Due to these circumstances, Melody’s upcoming Tour
has been canceled.
But she is hopeful to be able to play shows again soon
Thank you for your support
– Melody’s Family –

They didn’t offer any further details or divulge any specifics about the nature of the accident. A day later, the family offered a little bit more: in the accident, Melody suffered a brain aneurysm and broken vertebrae. She will remain in hospital and will have surgeries.

This is all the news we have now. We are all, obviously, hoping that Melody makes a full recovery and that she is indeed able to resume touring at some point. I’m hopeful that it happens sooner than later. The album was scheduled to be self-released later this year, but no specific release date was given. At this point, we sort of assume that the release will be delayed. Tour dates and album release dates are much less important than Melody’s health and well-being right now.

The song, by the way, is fantastic. This is that song:
“Cross My Heart” by Melody’s Echo Chamber

There are a lot of different layers and textures to this song, and it almost seems like a couple of different songs. The first bit is dreamy with some nice drums that are crazily reminiscent of Broadcast. The vocals are in English with lots of delay and/or other vocal effects. There’s a strange bit that goes from 1:33 to about 5:03 that has some weird beats and strange dance-y things mixed in. During this bit, the vocals are in French. After that, it goes back to the “dreamy” sound, but with a bit more guitar. At the end of the day, though, it’s a brilliant reminder of how fantastic that first record was and what a magnificent sophomore album we have to look forward to.

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