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03.24.2014 — “Wet Bread” by Creepoid


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Wet Bread” by Creepoid (2014, from the forthcoming EP Wet).

Creepoid is a grunge revival/noise pop quartet from Philadelphia. They formed in December of 2009 during a snowstorm, and they’ve released two albums including a brand new self-titled album earlier this month. This morning, they shared the song “Wet Bread”, from the forthcoming Wet EP, which will be released on Record Store Day (April 19). It’s a one-sided colored 12″ record with four new songs on side A and an etching on side B.

I had actually never heard of this band until I noticed this song in my soundcloud feed. Creepoid is on Graveface Records, and we like what they’re doing over there (especially the new Casket Girls record), so I had a good feeling that I was gonna like this. I wasn’t disappointed at all.

“Wet Bread” by Creepoid

I like how fuzzy and dirty it is. I love how it’s counted off by finger snaps instead of stick clicks. I love how soft and warm the vocals are compared to the hardness and thickness of everything else.

Go out to your local record shop on April 19 and buy this. It’s a RSD exclusive, so once the limited edition vinyl runs out, it’s gone forever. In the meantime, check out the band’s sophomore album Creepoid, which just came out on March 4. You can and should buy that at bandcamp. You won’t be sorry.

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