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09.18.2014 — “Bells and Ships and Songs” by Dee Sada

DeeSadaLoResIf you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Bells and Ships and Songs” by Dee Sada (2014, from the forthcoming EP Fragments).

Dee Sada is a multi-instrumentalist from London. I got an email a couple of days ago about her forthcoming debut EP, and I know almost nothing about her.

Tonight’s song is a dreamy/lo-fi/folk-y thing that’s highlighted by a delicate bass bit and her very fragile reverb-drenched vocals. For the sake of comparison, there’s some sort of math that I can’t quite work out that involves the magnificent Lois Maffeo, and The Spnianes. It’s weird that something this quiet would remind me of the assault of sound that The Spinanes was, but somehow, it does.

The four songs on the EP are said to be “inspired by and haunted by fractured personal relationships”. The email went on to say that Sada is heavily influenced by the poetry of Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath. Suffice to say, this girl might know a thing or two about sadness. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Many of my favorite records were written from deeply personal perspective on sadness.

Since this is absolutely everything that I know about Dee Sada, let’s get to the song:
“Bells and Ships and Songs” by Dee Sada

I really love how unapologetically minimal this is. The first time I listened to the song, I kept thinking that there would eventually be a squeal of guitar, the crash of some heavy-handed drums and some big-time noise in the second half of the song. As much as I would have liked that, I’m really happy that it didn’t happen. It’s much better this way.

At the very end of the song, there’s some morse code message that fades in at about the 3:00 mark I’m not clever or patient enough to decipher that, but I’ll assume that it’s something awesome. Please don’t tell me otherwise.

Fragments will be available on September 29 via the Chicago-based Tip Top Recordings.

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