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April 11, 2017 — “Blurred” by Voices from Deep Below

Voices from Deep Below

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Blurred” by Voices from Deep Below (2017, from the album I Want to Stand Where the Sun Himself Shakes with Fear).

Voices From Deep below is a shoegaze/dreampop/post-rock recording project of Dale Humphries. He’s a Londoner who relocated to NYC several years ago and has been recording as Voices from Deep Below since. I wrote about this project once before a couple of years ago here, and since He’s just released the fifth album, here we are again.

On the other records, Humphries did most, if not all, of the work. On this one, there’s a full band credited, but I think we still talk about Humphries and the band interchangeably.

Although I haven’t been writing much lately, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth and I am trying to pay attention to the mailbag. This one came from the mailbag, which is bulging with unread messages and audio files. I’ll get to that some day.

From what I’ve heard, the previous stuff has some ambient edges and I was reminded just a bit of lovesliescrushing and things of that ilk. On this new one, there’s much more noise. Less pillows. More bricks. Also, the other records have songs of “standard” running times. Most are in the five-minute neighbourhood. The new record has just five songs, and they’re all “long”. Today’s song clocks in at 8:48, and it’s the shortest of the lot.

There’s plenty of the aforementioned “noise” and “bricks”, but there’s also some intermittent softness and serenity. It’s not completely devoid of pillows. Although I’m listening on headphones, I’m sure this is fantastic when played loudly through real speakers.

“Blurred” by Voices from Deep Below

I like the vocals, which are provided by Gioia Lea Gerber, and I like some of the Slowdive-esque guitar bits, but I really like the bits that get really loud. All the different layers upon layers of fuzz and heavily affected guitars at 7:01. That’s my favourite part.

As is the case with the other Voices from Deep Below releases, you can download I Want to Stand Where the Sun Himself Shakes with Fear completely free of charge via Bandcamp here.

11.27.2015 — “It Happened” by Voices From Deep Below

Voices From Deep Below–Eunoia

If you only listen to one song today, make it “It Happened” by Voices From Deep Below (2015, from the album Eunoia).

Voices From Deep Below is an ambient shoegaze/dream pop recording project. I don’t know who’s in the band, but I know that this is the project of Dale Humphries, who recently moved from London to New York. He released an album called Mountain in 2012, and two albums this year. First, there was Dissolver back in March. Then in October, he released the project’s third album Eunoia.

It’s my understanding that the band’s unusual name is derived from the original working title of an anime film from 2011. The original title was Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below, and it was ultimately titled Children Who Chase Lost Voices. I don’t know anything about anime, I’ve never seen the film, and I never will.

Eunoia is a cool word because it uses all the vowels exactly once and only one consonant. I had never heard of this word, so I had to look it up. According to the wikipedia page, it refers to “the goodwill that a public speaker cultivates between himself and his audience”. The term shows up a lot in the writings of Aristotle and is derived from a Greek word meaning “beautiful thinking”. For the record, this word is not an acceptable play in Scrabble, as it is not in the main word sources used to compile the Official Tournament and Club Word List. It’s a sexy vowel dump, but even if it was acceptable, it would be questionable strategy. Even in this hypothetical where I don’t know what the seventh tile on that rack is, I’d get rid of the u and the o and hope to draw to a bingo. Enough about that.

I don’t know anything else about this band. Nothing. I don’t even remember how I came across the album. It sure is good, though.

“It Happened” by Voices From Deep Below

I love the calm, atmospheric, but slightly fuzzy aspect of it. In that way, I’m reminded of Astrobrite, or even the brilliant lovesliescrushing, from which Astrobrite was born.

You can get Eunoia as a free download via Bandcamp here.

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