This is That Song is a blog dedicated to music. The main purpose will be to introduce one song every day. Sometimes it’ll be a brand new song. Sometimes it’ll be from decades ago. Sometimes it’ll be a new artist doing a cover of an older or contemporary song.

Most of the songs featured here will be from the genres of shoegaze, dream-pop, post-rock, post-punk, noise rock, and indie folk.

My goal in 2012 was to do this every day without ever using the same “artist” twice. If a person has been in a couple of different bands and had a solo project, I’ll consider those to be different “artists”.

My goal since then has been to introduce things that are either brand new to me, or to highlight new and forthcoming releases by bands that I’m really fond of.

These will almost always be things that I have in my personal library. Things that I know well and want to introduce other people to. In every case, I’ll encourage the reader to buy their own copy. I’ll also encourage the reader, whenever they can, buy the music directly from the artist or their label or from a mom-and-pop record shop. When the artist chooses to make their work free for the taking in the digital world, I’ll point that out. Even in that case, I’ll always encourage supporting the artist in some way.

From time to time, there may be other posts, but the main focus is on the “If you only listen to one song today..” bit.

I’m open to suggestions, comments and criticism.

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