11.30.2015 — “Black Reflections” by Tales of Murder and Dust

Tales of Murder and Dust

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Black Reflections” by Tales of Murder and Dust (2015, from the album The Flow In Between).

Tales of Murder and Dust is a post-rock/psych-rock/shoegaze/darkwave band from Aarhus, Denmark. In 2007, four guys who were friends since high school started the band in a remote northern part of Denmark. They eventually became a six-piece and moved to Aarhus. They put out their debut album Hallucination of Beauty in 2012, followed by the Skeleton Flowers EP in 2013. Their eagerly awaited sophomore record is ready to roll, but I don’t think it’s been officially released yet.

I found this song in my Soundcloud feed, and I’ve desperately been trying to figure out how to get the new album. I’ve found a couple of album streams, but I haven’t found a way to buy it. The band keep saying on their YouTube and Facebook pages that “news will be coming soon”, but there’s nothing yet.

I haven’t even listened to the entire stream (which you can hear here), but I know from the half of it that I keep listening to that I really love this album. It reminds me of everything that I love about Godspeed, everything that I love about The Besnard Lakes, and a lot of other post-rock stuff. Especially (obviously) the Montréal variety of post-rock. Somehow, though, I’m also reminded of The Catherine Wheel. And that’s a brilliant thing.

“Black Reflections” by Tales of Murder and Dust

I found this yesterday, and it floored me on first listen. I’ve listened to it a ton of times since then, and it keeps getting better. There’s been a great showing of new albums from Danish bands this year, and I’ll have no less than three of them in my year-end top 50. If this one becomes available in 2015, it’ll be my favorite Danish album, and near the top of that top 50 list.

You can get name your price on Skeleton Flowers and Hallucination Beauty via their Bandcamp page. Be on the lookout for that new album, which will hopefully become available for purchase before the new year. For now, you can listen to the stream via YouTube or check out some of the new tracks via Soundcloud here.

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