June 7, 2016 — “Float Away” by Exiles


If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Float Away” by Exiles (2016, from the Search Lights EP).

Exiles is a jangly dreampop/shoegaze quintet from Brooklyn. I don’t know anything about them, and I just stumbled upon their music today while I was looking for something else on Bandcamp.

All I know is what I could piece together from their Bandcamp bio and their Facebook page. They began as a bedroom recording project duo, and added three members pretty soon after formation. It looks like they got started in 2014, and used to be less noise and more jangle. Like late-era Velocity Girl doing Smiths covers. Speaking of which, my research tells me that this past Halloween, Exiles played a show of Smiths covers, and they may or may not have been dressed as tacos for that show.

That’s it. That’s literally everything that I know. The three-song EP came out in January, and this is the second song from it:
“Float Away” by Exiles

I really like the way that it’s noisy right out of the gate. The big drum hit, then the jangle-fuzz guitar. Amps not turned to eleven, but turned up loud enough. There’s something about the no-nonsense business of getting right to the noise that brings the terrific Thrushes to my mind. Moire Echo’s vocals have a bit of polish on them, but I love how airy they are.

I also love the end, when it comes to a full stop, but there’s so much delay on the guitar that it chimes out for a second. Again, this reminds me of Thrushes.

Here’s a video of the band performing the song in some sort of rehearsal space. See if you can spot the framed Songs From The Big Chair LP hanging on the wall.

No polish on the vocals, and I kind of prefer it that way.

You can grab a download of Search Lights from Bandcamp by naming your price here.

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