October 4, 2016 — “Beyond the Moon for Someone in Reverse” by Eluvium



If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Beyond the Moon for Someone in Reverse” by Eluvium (2016, from the album False Readings On).

Eluvium is the Portland, Oregon-based ambient electronic/”modern classical”/dreamgaze recording project of Matthew Cooper. He’s released eight albums as Eluvium, some solo albums, and two albums as Inventions with Mark T. Smith out of Explosions in The Sky. I’ve really liked everything that I’ve heard from him, but this new one is far and away my favourite.

Like most of his stuff, the new record is full of super-dreamy sounds and soft textures. There’s lots of very soft pink noise, lots of tape loops, lots of tape hiss, lots of vocal loops. Threre’s also a lot of piano and other classical stuff. Like the splendid Ruins by Grouper, this album also has a lot of incidental and field recordings. Rain. Wind. It sounds and feels like spending a night far away from the lights and sounds of the city. This is a record that should remind people of Grouper, lovesliescrushing, and some of Brian Eno’s ambient stuff.

I’ve been listening to this album a lot over the last couple of weeks, and it always puts me in a very relaxed, comfortable mood. I really think this album should be listened to front to back without pause. And then again. Tonight, though, we’ll just focus on one song. This is that song:

“Beyond the Moon for Someone in Reverse” by Eluvium

Don’t expect anything “big” to happen. It’s not going to. This is just a slow, peaceful voyage to a dream-like place. Imagine drifting to sleep in the most comfortable bed you’ve ever lain in.

False Readings on was released on September 2 via Temporary Residence, Ltd. You can buy it from the label in your choice of physical formats here, and you can buy it digitally via Bandcamp here.

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