04.12.2015 — “Resolution” by Hollows

Hollows by Hollows

If you only listen to one song tonight, make it “Resolution” by Hollows (2015, from the EP Hollows).
Hollows is an experimental ambient noise/drone duo from Oxford and London. To say that I know nothing about them would be an understatement. One band member lives in Oxford and the other lives in London. They do their collaborative work via email and only get to physically work together for a handful of hours each month. They formed at the end of 2014, and their self-recorded, self-released debut EP comes out tomorrow.
I got an email from one or the other of the band members, and they offer this as the bulk of their band bio:

We formed through a mutual interest in dissonant music and atmospheric video games, and the resulting EP is part score and part noise band

I have no idea what they mean by “atmospheric video games”, but that doesn’t really matter. I really like what they’re doing.

Here’s my favorite song from the six-song EP:
“Resolution” by Hollows

I’m reminded just a bit of some of those long-ish instrumental dreamy songs by Yo La Tengo.

I like the crunchy fuzz from one of the guitar bits smashed right up against a soft and subtle piano bit starting at 3:42. Earlier in the song and also later in the song, that same crunchy guitar fuzz is juxtaposed against an even subtler acoustic guitar part. At least I think what’s going on. Anyway, for me, it’s all about that little piano bit and the fuzzy bit at the same time.

While the EP officially releases tomorrow, you can go ahead and grab a download of it now by naming your price via bandcamp here.

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