09.05.2015 — “Are You Real” by Mini Dresses

Mini Dresses

If you only listen to one song today, make it “Are You Real” by Mini Dresses (2015, from the EP Four).

Mini Dresses is a lo-fi dream pop band from Boston by way of Austin. The duo of Lira Mondal (vocals, bass) and Caufield Schnug (guitar) formed in 2012, and they later added drummer Luke Reed, who is also in the Boston band Bent Shapes. Mini Dresses has released a couple of singles and four EPs. Every year, usually at the end of summer, they release an EP. This year’s edition came out in April, and today’s song is the first song from that EP.

Over the years, I’ve gotten a few emails about this band, and I saved the emails, but never did anything about them. A couple of days ago, I saw that somebody else posted a different Mini Dresses song, and I absolutely loved it.

The band say that they’re trying to make a sound that fills a gap between one bunch of groups such as Blouse and Tamaryn and some older groups like Cocteau Twins and Galaxie 500. I can understand that. I can hear a bit of Galaxie 500 influence in Schnug’s guitar. This is that song:

“Are You Real” by Mini Dresses

Almost all of the other Mini Dresses songs that I’ve heard are definitely in the “dream pop” vein, but this one has a bit of a c-86/twee sound. The way Mondal’s vocals are doubled and layered, and the way it almost sounds like multiple singers reminds me quite a bit of Heavenly. They used to do that with Amelia’s vocals, or layer her vocals and Cathy’s so it wasn’t really clear what was what. I get that same feel here with “Are You Real”. Also, Mondal really sounds like Amelia Fletcher on this song.

You can get a download of Four via bandcamp by naming your price here.

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