12.17.2015 — “Brilliant Noise” by Trementina


If you only listen to one song today, make it “Brilliant Noise” by Trementina (2015, from the album Almost Reach The Sun).

Trementina is a shoegaze quartet from Valdivia, Chile. Their name translates to English as “Turpentine”. I found one of their other songs in my Soundcloud feed, and I haven’t been able to find out much about them, but I love everything that I’ve heard. In 2013, they released a seven-song EP that was appropriately titled Brilliant Noise. Earlier this year, they cleaned up and recycled all but one of those songs, then added a couple more songs to make an album called Almost Reach The Sun. There are some pretty clear influences from Dinosaur Jr and MBV, but I’m reminded a lot more of some of America’s best shoegazers and noiserockers like Fleeting Joys and Ringo Deathstarr.

The rest of this album is really incredible, but I love the noise and the coed vocals of this one combined with a good old-fashioned pop structure.

“Brilliant Noise” by Trementina

There’s something about the bass that’s also very alluring. Maybe it’s simply that it isn’t buried under the wave of guitar effects. I especially like the bass solo in the second half of the song. The whole thing is just exactly my kind of thing.

This song is only two and a quarter minutes long, and I would gladly listen to it all day long. If I’m honest, I haven’t even gotten to the second half of the album because I keep repeating this song.

Here’s a fun video of the band performing the song a couple of years ago. Apparently, it’s from their first gig ever, and it appears to be on somebody’s front lawn.

You can buy a download of Almost Reach The Sun from Bandcamp here, or via Amazon or eMusic.

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